Message from the RA Prime Minister 

Tigran Sargsyan, to the Fourth Microelectronics Olympiad 

Tigran Sargsyan
RA Prime Minister

I welcome the organizers and participants of the Fourth Annual Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad held in the framework of “IT Month” and “Synopsys Week in Armenia” events.

I am very glad to add my message, for the second time, to open this important, now tradition-strengthening, event, which year after year expands not only the number, but also the geography of its participants. I am aware that this year, representatives from Russia and Ukraine are also participating in the Olympiad. This proves that this initiative, aimed at developing information technology and stimulating the work of young specialists, has achieved international recognition and can have perfect prospects.

The development of the information technology sector and a knowledge-based economy and community are amongst the Government’s priorities. Such events can become stimulators of the abovementioned goals. These events are not only a platform for presenting new ideas and solutions, but also tools to identify young specialists with high-potential, for whom the Olympiad is a possibility to gain state-of-art knowledge that will serve for further development of this sector.

I wish you all the best; high results to Olympiad participants and successes to organizers in their new and appreciated initiatives.