Message from the President  


Rich Goldman
President of the Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad Organizing Committee

In its sixth year, the International Microelectronics Olympiad has achieved impressive momentum. Two years ago, the Olympiad took its first tentative steps toward internationalization, with the participation of students from Russia and Ukraine. Last year, students from five different countries participated. This year, we expect to nearly double that number with students from three different continents participating, traveling to Armenia from as far away as California. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of our excellent partner, VivaCell-MTS the opportunity to travel to Yerevan to participate in the Olympiads is proving to be a very attractive proposition around the world, and is creating an event in this field that is unprecedented throughout the world. The Olympiad is providing an impetus to showcase Armenia’s developing role as a regional center for Microelectronics, and is serving as a strong basis for developing beneficial relationships for Armenia around the world. I am certain that the relationships built through the Olympiads will reward the organizers’ efforts for Armenia in unprecedented and unforeseen ways. We look forward to hosting and competing with the brightest young electrical engineers from counties around the world, during Synopsys Week 2011 in October in Yerevan.