Message from Ralph Yirikian 


Ralph Yirikian
General Manager of VivaCell-MTS, General Sponsor of the Olympiad

Education defines the future of the country. This is especially the case, when education is essential in boosting country’s competitive advantage. Healthy competition between IT students is a necessary precondition to creativity: this is a sphere where the determining factor is the brilliance of thought and not the physical strength. However, it’s not a sufficient condition yet. Such initiatives need to be encouraged as strongly as possible. As Armenia’s Leading Mobile Operator and corporate citizen, for VivaCell-MTS any initiative that leads young people to great discoveries by encouraging creativity is important. This is where we see our role as the supporter. Only countries valuing the intellectual development of young generation have prospects for further development. We wish the participants and especially our compatriots every success in the contest. We are confident they will do their best to use this opportunity to win.