Message from the President 

Of the Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad Organizing Commitee 

Rich Goldman
President of Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad Organizing Committee
VP for Corporate Marketing and Strategic Market Alliances, Synopsys, Inc.
CEO of Synopsys Armenia CJSC

Welcome to the First Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad in the beautiful city of Yerevan. Armenia has long had a good tradition in microelectronics. It was one of the microelectronics centers in the former Soviet Union. In particular, Armenia was the leading center of design and fabrication of microelectronic devices as well as development of equipment in the area of electrical engineering, control systems, telecommunication. During all those years highly qualified specialists in the field of microelectronics have been trained in Armenia. Among the most significant enterprises were: Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute, Microelectronics scientific-research Institute, “Transistor” scientific production association, The Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute, etc. After the demise of the Soviet Union, difficult times befell the Armenian technology and economy. But recently, attracted by the professional potential and tradition of Armenia in the field of microelectronics, a number of well-known and world famous foreign companies (Synopsys, Virage Logic, Epygi, etc) established their offices in Armenia and started to develop IC design and EDA software here. The results are promising. These companies are also contributing to the development of microelectronics in Armenia, through special programs (for example, Annual RA Presidential Awards to the best students and pupils in IT Sector sponsored by Synopsys). The newest of these is the First Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad. The main goals of the First Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad are: incentive or further development of microelectronics in Armenia; discovery of young, talented engineers; increasing interest in microelectronics among young specialists; understanding the level of knowledge in the field of microelectronics among youth to make necessary improvements in educational programs in the future.

Thank to all the sponsors for contributing to this event and the participants for coming.

Welcome to an exciting, enriching and fulfilling occasion of the First Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad.

I wish you good results and I wish you further success in your education and work.