Best of DAC 2011: Verification Videos 

Functional Verification

VCS/VIP: Industry Leaders Verify With Synopsys
Learn more about Synopsys' functional verification solution and how leading design teams use these capabilities and technology. The session includes what's new in VCS and methodology (VMM, UVM, OVM) support, and introduces advanced features of Synopsys' new SystemVerilog VIPs.
Verification Lunch Panel: Industry Leaders Verify with Synopsys
Industry leaders share insights into their increasingly complex and diverse verification challenges and how the R&D collaboration with Synopsys has yielded key technology addressing these challenges. More details about these breakthrough technologies as well as the obtained results will also be presented. Attend the free Synopsys Industry Leaders Verification Luncheon to hear a panel of industry experts discuss how they've achieved fast and smart verification technology while and how you can apply their insights on your next project.

Formal Equivalency Checking

Formality Demo
Easy and Powerful Equivalence Checking

AMS Verification

CustomSim: Improving Performance of Mixed-signal Verification
Learn about the latest enhancements to CustomSim for transistor-level verification, including advanced analysis capabilities such as Circuit Check and EM/IR-Drop analysis. Also see how CustomSim-VCS and the new capabilities of CustomExplorer Ultra can speed up complex SoC verification from days to hours.
HSPICE: Accelerating the Gold Standard of Circuit Simulation and Analysis
See a demonstration of HSPICE Precision Parallel technology and the capabilities of Custom Designer's simulation and analysis environment. Real-world examples show how you can achieve a competitive advantage using the latest innovations in HSPICE.
AMS Dinner Panel:
SPICE Up Your Chip: Achieving Fast, Accurate AMS Verification

Hear what industry leaders from Altera, AMD, Juniper Networks, nVidia, Qualcomm and Xilinx have to say about using HSPICE and CustomSim in some of today's most challenging designs. The panelists will also discuss their future verification needs, as well as the methodology and tool requirements to support verification of today's complex analog/mixed-signal designs.

Low Power Verification

MVSIM/MVRC: Enabling High-Performance, Accurate Verification of Advanced Low Power Designs
See how VCS with MVSIM accurately and rapidly simulates advanced low power designs with 1000s of power states and special isolation requirements using techniques like multi-rail macros and standby and dynamic voltage scaling. Also, see how MVRC performs the necessary static checks from RTL to routed netlist using IEEE 1801 (Unified Power Format--UPF) to specify the power intent.

System-to-Silicon (S2S) Verification

System-to-Silicon (S2S): The Next Level in Verification
Learn how to maximize verification throughput with up to 5X performance gains through multi-level and mixed-domain verification. Synopsys' System-to-Silicon (S2S) Verification Solution enables design and verification teams to combine system-level, functional and analog simulation environments to accelerate software development and system validation and achieve first-pass silicon and system success.

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