Best of DAC 2011: Partner Activities Videos 


IPL Alliance Luncheon: Interoperable PDKs are Here to Stay: New Era of Analog/Custom Innovations
At the fifth annual IPL Luncheon, the IPL Alliance presented an update on the current and future success of IPL standards.
Hear about:
  • How the industry is embracing the IPL 1.0 standard
  • Specs of the new interoperable design constraint standard
  • Collaboration among standards: How oPDK and iPDK will work together

University Program

Era of Customization and Implications to EDA
Jason Cong, Ph.D., UCLA

Mr. Cong discusses going beyond parallelization and focusing on domain-specific customization to provide capability of adapting architecture to application in order to achieve significant power-performance efficiency improvement. This paradigm shift requires a great deal of innovation in architecture, compilation, and runtime system design, and offers many exciting and challenging research opportunities.

University Reception sponsored by Dell.

Interoperability Breakfast

Interoperability Breakfast:
On Safari with Custom Design Interoperability & Interconnect Modeling Standards

Hear the latest on the industry's collaborative efforts benefiting advances custom design. See how the interconnect technology format is fostering greater efficiency in advanced node modeling and design.