In 2011, Synopsys Celebrated its 25th Anniversary 

1986 - 2011 

Since its inception in 1986, Synopsys has grown from a one-product start-up to a diverse company that is a technology leader offering a complete electronic design solution from concept to silicon. The company was founded in 1986 by Dr. Aart de Geus and a team of engineers from General Electric’s Microelectronics Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. First established as “Optimal Solutions,” Synopsys was chartered to develop and market the synthesis technology developed by the team at General Electric.

Synopsys pioneered the commercial application of logic synthesis that has since been adopted by virtually every major IC design company in the world. The synthesis technology developed by Synopsys provided a quantum leap in IC design productivity, by raising the level of abstraction that engineers can work. Without this technology, the complex designs of today would not be possible.

Over the past 25 years, Synopsys has established strategic partner relationships with the majority of the electronics industry’s most respected companies and today, 49 of the top 50 semiconductor companies are Synopsys customers.

Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation 

1986 - 1990

The Synthesis Company

1991 - 1995

The Front End Design Company

1996 - 2000

Expanding to Offer a Complete Design Solution

2001 - 2005

The Complete Design Solutions Company

2006 - 2011

Your Partner for Success