May 2014 Monthly Update 

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Register today to compete in the Student Competition at DAC!

Register Monday, June 2nd, 3pm - 5pm
San Francisco Westin Hotel,
Metropolitan Ballroom III

Register now to compete in the first stage of the Ninth International Microelectronics Olympiad, an educational competition spotlighting the world’s brightest engineering students. All students under the age of 30 active in the field of microelectronics are invited to participate. One winner from this event will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Armenia in October 2014 to compete in the final stage of the Olympiad.

In this first-stage competition, participants will be given 2 hours to complete a 30-question multiple-choice test. Questions on this test are randomly generated from a bank of queries created by the Olympiad Program Committee members. View past Olympiad test questions here.

Test topics include:
  • Digital IC Design and Test
  • Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design and Test
  • Semiconductor Devices and Technology
  • Mathematical and Algorithmic Issues of EDA

Students do not need to register for DAC in order to be eligible to compete in this first-stage event. Testing will begin promptly at 3pm. and end at 5pm. No extra time will be given to late arrivals.

Not going to DAC but interested in hosting a first-stage event at your university? Visit for more information or contact us at to get started.

Video Recap – SNUG Silicon Valley 2014 Keynotes

Dr. Sebastian Thrun Innovation - The Thrill and Thorns of Navigating Through Uncharted Territories
Dr. Sebastian Thrun, CEO Udacity, Google Fellow, Research Professor at Stanford University

Technical innovation is increasingly changing our daily lives but how do these innovations come to life? Where do the ideas spring from, and what is the path to success when you're navigating through completely uncharted territories? Gain an insider's perspective as Dr. Thrun outlines the thrilling and sometimes thorny path he and his team are navigating through as they work to bring us self-driving cars, Google Glass heads-up displays and an entirely new university from scratch.

Aart de Geus Designing Change
Aart de Geus, Chairman and co-CEO, Synopsys

In our current semiconductor design community, the word "change" is, to say the least, an understatement. From a dizzying array of emerging "smart" niche end-products to major market trend shifts to ecosystem reconfigurations at every level, the world around us is morphing at an unprecedented pace. The challenge for designers to keep pace has never been greater.

Aart gives an overview of many years of investment and innovation efforts, resulting in an exciting sweep of major new design productivity advancements in our design and verification platforms.

The following new and updated courses are now available. Visit Members Only with your SolvNet ID and password to download.


Princess Sumaya University for TechnologyA Wide Tuning Range 11.8 GHz Ring Oscillator VCO with Temperature and Process Compensation
Princess Sumaya University for Technology: Mahmoud Abdelfattah,Tareq A. Al-Maaita, Abdallah Tahboub, and Khaldoon AbuGharbieh
ITMO UniversityNew Approach for Temperature Measurements of Field Programmable Gate Arrays Local Area Based on the Monte-Carlo Method
ITMO University: Pavel Kustarev and Sergey Bykovsky
University of São PaoloA Parallel Uniform k-Partition Method for Montgomery Multiplication
University of São Paolo: Joao Carlos Neto, Alexandre Ferreira Tenca, Wilson Vincent Ruggiero

Upcoming Events

DACDesign Automation Conference
June 1 - 5, 2014
San Francisco, California
International Forum on Embedded MPSoC and MulticoreInternational Forum on Embedded MPSoC and Multicore
July 7 - 11, 2014
Margaux, France
IEEE IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI
July 9 - 11, 2014
Tampa, Florida

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