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Through our Worldwide University Programs we aim to inspire and foster the world's next generation of technologists and innovators by providing academic and research institutions with access to the tools and technology needed to prepare well-educated students who can meet difficult challenges ranging from IC/SoC and optical design to applications for software quality and security. Synopsys software reaches thousands of students and professors across the globe every year. Benefits of membership in the program include access to technical support, training, curriculum and more.


Synopsys offers more than 100 full-semester courses for Bachelor and Master Programs in microelectronic design, as well as a variety of topic-specific materials for workshops, short lectures and labs.

Software for the automatic generation of static memory circuits based on parameters supplied by the user. It has the ability to generate a range of SRAMs with different output data formats.

  • Libraries
  • Synopsys 32/28nm and 90nm Libraries for Teaching IC Designmore

Libraries include: a technology kit, a digital standard cell library, a I/O standard cell library, memories and a phase locked loop.

  • iPDKs
  • Synopsys 32/28nm and 90nm iPDKs for Teaching Custom Designmore

PDKs include: simulation models, layer map and technology files, drc and lvs runset files, a parasitic extraction deck, a schematic symbol library, and parameterized cells.

Stay on top of the latest design techniques with access to books on topics such as low power design, verification methodology, SystemVerilog, HSPICE and more.

Access to technical support and tool training available for University Program members.

How to Apply
To request membership information and to learn more about the Synopsys University Program please contact our regional representatives below.

North America/South America
To apply for the first time or to renew your membership, please complete the preliminary information form including details of the courses and projects that will utilize Synopsys tools at your site. Participating universities agree to use the software for teaching and academic research purposes only. Please allow 2 full weeks for your request to be processed.

University Program Preliminary Information Form

For more information, contact the University Program Administration Team.

Synopsys works with EUROPRACTICE to provide access to our industry-leading EDA tools for non-commercial teaching and advanced research. Support and training are provided by EUROPRACTICE. For more information, contact: EUROPRACTICE

To learn more about the Synopsys University Program in Japan, contact:

Asia Pacific
To learn more about the Synopsys University Program in Asia Pacific, contact the University Program Administration Team.

For information on the Synopsys University Program in areas other than those listed above, please contact the University Program Administrator.

Check out what's being said by university professors and staff utilizing the tools and resources provided by Synopsys' Worldwide University Program:

Vasavi College of Engineering

"The real-world design experience that students gain in contests such as Synopsys’ India Analog Design Contest greatly enhances the education they receive through lectures, labs and research projects offered by their universities. We are pleased to be working with the leading EDA provider to encourage students’ interest in VLSI design and to prepare them for a career in the semiconductor industry."
— P.A. Govindacharyulu, Professor of Electronics and Communication,
Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad & University of Hyderabad

Cairo University

"We really appreciate the support and help we have received from Synopsys and do hope that we can continue to depend on their support for years to come to be able to provide the budding VLSI industry with high quality graduates that are familiar with the flow and with the Synopsys tool chain."
—Amr Wassal, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering Department,
Cairo University

Xi'an Jiaotong University

"Our university has been using Synopsys tools for about ten years. The industrial standard software provided through the Synopsys University Program has been the key to fulfilling our educational and research objectives"
— Mei KuiZhi, Professor of Microelectronics,
Xi'an Jiaotong University

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

"...The EDK and Synopsys tools have greatly helped our research by enabling us to quickly translate our design from Verilog code into IC layouts and subsequently evaluating circuit performance."
— Haibo Wang, Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

"I have been using the Synopsys 32/28nm library for the past two years in my thesis research. Utilizing the 32/28nm library with PrimeTime gives me access to power and timing data that is crucial for my thesis paper and related journal article."
— Ron Eaton, Graduate Student,
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Seoul National University

"Early exposure to Synopsys tools offers excellent opportunities not only for students, but also for educators in efficiently teaching modern design methodologies. We have been actively using Synopsys tools for more than a decade in class and research. I cannot imagine how the high quality of various electronic design classes is maintained without using Synopsys tools."
— Dr. Deog-Kyoon Jeong, Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Seoul National University

American University in Cairo

"Using the Synopsys Generic Memory Compiler in our complex processor for DSP application was a great time-saving tool. It helped the students generate the SRAM they wanted in a snap, saving them critical time to concentrate on the rest of the complex design."
— Dr. Maged Ghoneima, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering,
American University in Cairo

Konkuk University

"In today's generation of education programs Synopsys tools have been an excellent instrument in providing in house industrial training for students. We highly appreciate the support given by Synopsys for enabling us to reduce our design and research cycle."
— Yong-Bum Cho, Professor of Electronic Engineering,
Konkuk University

San Francisco State University

"The Synopsys Generic 90nm and 32/28nm iPDK and Library are excellent resources for research. These resources have enabled us to establish comprehensive ASIC design and verification flows that are used in our teaching and research activities."
— Hamid Mahmoodi, Assistant Professor of School of Engineering,
San Francisco State University

Case Western Reserve University

"For over a decade we have successfully trained a generation of engineers in Digital Systems, VLSI Design, CAD and Embedded Systems using Synopsys tools. We are very grateful to Synopsys for their contribution in helping us fulfill our educational and research objectives at our university."
— Dr. Christos Papachristou, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Case Western Reserve University

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

"Synopsys tools have been a major boost to our research efforts. We have been able to publish the results in International conferences and journals. Thanks, Synopsys, for everything including your prompt responses to our requests!"
— Dr. Mahesh B. Patil, Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Purdue University

"Access to Synopsys' leading-edge design software enables our engineering students to learn in the same environment as their industry counterparts, increasing the value of the student experience and research at Purdue University."
— Dr. Mark C. Johnson, Manager of Digital and Systems Laboratories, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Purdue University

Universidad de los Andes

"The College of Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes is far from the main world markets, and it is very difficult to convey to our students the belief that they can also do things as they are done in the US, Europe or Asia. However, with Synopsys' tools they have learned that these possibilities are also within their reach."
— Dr. Pablo Zegers, Professor of Engineering,
Universidad de los Andes

California State University, Northridge

"I would recommend the Synopsys 90nm Generic Library to any faculty or university… The integration of this library with Synopsys tools has enabled our students… to implement complex designs."
— Dr. Ramin Roosta, Professor of Electrical and Computer of Engineering,
California State University, Northridge

University of California, San Diego

"The SAED 90nm library aids greatly with graduate classes because they offer students the excitement of working with a recent process technology on the latest Synopsys tools."
— Michael Taylor, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering,
University of California, San Diego

Universidad de Chile

"In 2007 and 2008 the EE Dept of the University of Chile with Synopsys sponsorship organized two successful summer schools where Synopsys tools were used to prepare students for a new electronics era. The support of Synopsys and its commitment for excellence is certainly showing good results in this part of the world."
— Dr. Nicolas Beltran, Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Universidad de Chile

Discover the many tools Synopsys University Program offers to help students achieve their academic goals. Follow us on one of our social media pages to share feedback and knowledge with peers working in industry. Utilize our free virtual prototyping SabreRD Demo for your next student design project, or apply for one of our many 3-month internships.

University Program Facebook Page:
On our Synopsys University Program Facebook page you will find information and links to technical resources, Synopsys entry-level job openings and internships, interesting videos and the latest engineering news as it pertains to students. It is also a great place to engage with other students from around the world who are working on similar class projects, lab homework’s or research assignments.

SaberRD Student Demo:
SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems. Synopsys’ SaberRD Student Demo Edition allows students to utilize a limited version of the Saber software for free on your own computer.

Synopsys Internship Program:
Looking for an internship? Synopsys offers 3-month long internships at many of our sites worldwide to undergraduate or graduate level students in all areas ranging from Information Technology to Finance to Software Engineering. Visit the Synopsys Careers page to search for available internships by type and location.

International Microelectronic Olympiad of Armenia:
Synopsys Armenia is the general organizer of the annual Armenian Microelectronics Olympiad, reflecting the growing development of microelectronics design in Armenia. The competition spotlights the brightest and most talented young engineers world-wide. Contact your local organizer for more information about how to participate in your area.

Book Club:
If you are looking for some recommended Microelectronic Design reading, check out our Book Club. Stay on top of the latest design techniques with access to books on topics such as low power design, verification methodology, SystemVerilog, HSPICE and more.

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