August 2012 Monthly Update 
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Meeting the Challenges in Engineering Education
Guest: Patrick Lysaght, Sr. Director, Xilinx Research Labs and University Program

Hosts Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director of Community Marketing at Synopsys, and Rich Goldman, Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Synopsys, hosted guest Patrick Lysaght, Sr. Director of Xilinx Research Labs and University Program, to discuss how students can interface with real industry tools and platforms to be better prepared when graduating and ultimately design something the world has not seen before.


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Queens UniversityComparison of the Inhibition of Renshaw Cells During Subthreshold and Suprathreshold Conditions Using Anatomically and Physiologically Realistic Models
Queens University: Tuan Bui, Dianne Dewey, Robert Fyffe and P. Ken Rose
Duke UniversityCore Cannibalization Architecture: Improving Lifetime Chip Performance for Multicore Processors in the Presence of Hard Faults
Duke University: Bogdan Romanescu and Daniel J. Sorin
University of CaliforniaCombined Loop Transformation and Heirarchy Allocation for Data Reuse Optimization
University of California, Los Angeles: Jason Cong, Peng Zhang, Yi Zou
Cornell UniversityEnergy-Efficient Pipeline Templates for High-Performance Asynchronous Circuits
Cornell University: Basit Riaz Sheikh and Rajit Manohar

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Design EastDesign East
September 17-20, 2012
Boston, MA
IFIP-VLSIIFIP/IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration 2012 (VLSI-SoC)
October 7-10, 2012
Santa Cruz, CA
ISOCCInternational SOC Conference 2012 (ISOCC)
November 4-7, 2012
Jeju, Korea

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