Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do I become a SNUG member?
There is no actual "membership" form or process. As a Synopsys tool user, you are welcome to participate! To actively particpate in SNUG, attend a conference, or better yet, author a SNUG paper. Check the SNUG website often for upcoming open "Call for Papers".

To join our mailing list, please complete this form.

How do I find a SNUG near me?
There are currently 11 SNUG conferences held around the world (most are held annually):

Visit the local SNUG webpage for details on specific events, or view the SNUG Worldwide Calendar for an overview.

What are the benefits of attending SNUG?
SNUG's highly technical program provides Synopsys users the opportunity to share real-world design challenges and solutions. In addition, SNUG events facilitate the open interaction between attendees and Synopsys executives, product developers and applications consultants. At SNUG, attendees learn about future product directions and product and support quality . SNUG is the perfect venue to network with old colleagues and make new contacts.

What are the benefits of authoring a SNUG paper?
Some benefits include:

  • The opportunity for you to present your unique design in front of hundreds of other designers
  • Peer recognition
  • Paper and presentation published in the SNUG Papers Library
  • A chance to win prizes
  • Free admission to the conference

I can't attend SNUG conferences. How can I still benefit from SNUG?
Conference proceedings (user papers & presentations and Synopsys tutorial presentations) are posted in the SNUG Papers Library following each SNUG conference. With your SolvNet ID and password, you can access and download the proceedings.

How can I become a member of the techincal commitee?
Each SNUG is driven by a local Technical Committee, with operational support provided by Synopsys. If you are interested in participating on a SNUG Technical Committee, review Technical Committee Membership requirements and Role of a Technical Commitee Member in the SNUG Bylaws. If you meet these requirements, please contact us.

Who organizes SNUG?
SNUG technical content is driven by a local Technical Committee, with operational support provided by Synopsys.

If I have more questions about SNUG, who should I contact?