Samsung Saves 20% Total Power on FinFET Designs with PrimeTime Signoff-driven ECO
Join Synopsys as they discuss physically-aware ECO power recovery for advanced designs. Learn how Samsung reduced total power by 20% using PrimeTime ECO’s latest power recovery technology. Synopsys will discuss the technology and flow methodology to deploy PrimeTime ECO power recovery and achieve the best total power reduction for your design. Samsung’s experience, including emerging power characteristics at FinFET nodes and the use of new PrimeTime ECO power recovery to minimize power on advanced designs, will also be shared during the event.
Vivek Ghante, Corporate Applications Engineer, Synopsys James Chuang, Technical Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Oct 01, 2014

Enabling 14-nm FinFET Design: A Samsung Foundry and Synopsys Perspective on the Challenges and Opportunities
Samsung Foundry and Synopsys, together present the key challenges and opportunities of manufacturing with the Samsung 14LPE (14-nm FinFET) process, and how these changes impact the design enablement and flow. Samsung Foundry will present the effects that this new technology paradigm brings, and how they leverage these to continue Moore’s Law and Synopsys will discuss how to enable a smooth transition to the Samsung 14LPE process for our joint customers.
Dr. Kuang-Kuo Lin, Samsung Semiconductor Inc. (SSI), Dr. Henry Sheng, Synopsys
May 28, 2013