DAC 2016 Samsung/Synopsys Breakfast: Ready to Design at 10nm!

Samsung and Synopsys are enabling design teams to create advanced designs for high performance computing and mobile applications on 10nm FinFET technology. On June 7, 2016, Synopsys hosted a Samsung 10nm FinFET breakfast event at DAC. At this event, attendees heard how “Relentless Collaboration” is extending to 10nm FinFET design enablement best practices and saw highlights of the 10LPE Foundry Reference Flow and ARM® Cortex®- A53 CPU, 10LPE Reference Implementation proof point.
Kelvin Low, Samsung Semiconductor; Phil Dworsky, Synopsys; JC Lin, Synopsys; Andy Potemski, Synopsys

Enabling Network Computing Design with 14nm LPP FinFET Technology

On June 9, 2015, Synopsys, Samsung and ARM co-hosted a breakfast at the Design Automation Conference. At this event, attendees learned how Samsung, ARM and Synopsys are utilizing Samsung’s 14nm LPP technology to meet the added functionality needs of network computing ARM-based designs.
Kelvin Low, Samsung; Wolfgang Helfricht, ARM; Andy Potemski, Synopsys; Phil Dworsky, Synopsys (moderator)

Enabling Design with 16nm and 10nm FinFET Technology

ARM, Synopsys and TSMC share the results of their collaborations to enable design using ARM's most advanced processors and physical IP with Synopsys' productivity-enhancing Galaxy design tools to get the most out of TSMC's leading edge 16nm and 10nm FinFET process technologies. MediaTek discusses the design challenges in creating complex SoCs for multimedia and LTE. They also share their successes using ARM GPU and CPU IP in TSMC 16FF+ process with Synopsys' Galaxy design tools and ZeBu emulation system.
Haroon Gauhar, ARM; Rob Aitken, ARM; Denny Liu, MediaTek; Willy Chen,TSMC; Joe Walston, Synopsys; Dr. Henry Sheng, Synopsys

IoT – The Internet of Completely Different Things

In "IoT – The Internet of Completely Different Things", Dr. Dipesh Patel, ARM's EVP of Technical Operations, explores the new challenges and innovations coming in the Internet of Completely Different Things era.
Dr. Dipesh Patel, ARM

Addressing 16nm FinFET Challenges to Tapeout a 50M+ ARM® Cortex®-A57 processor-based SoC using Synopsys IC Compiler™

In this video, you’ll hear briefly about Synopsys’ participation at ARM TechCon 2014 followed by a Synopsys and HiSilicon joint presentation on HiSilicon's successful tapeout of their first production SoC in 16nm FinFET technology.
Kelvin Chen, Principle Engineer, COT Department, HiSilicon Muming Tang, Staff Applications Consultant, Synopsys

Tapeout of a High-Performance ARM Cortex-A57 Processor-Based Server SoC Using Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform

In this video, you’ll hear briefly about Synopsys’ participation at ARM TechCon 2014 followed by AMD’’s presentation on the recent tapeout of the AMD OpteronTM A1100 “Seattle” SoC based on ARM's 64-bit ARMv8 architecture.
Manoj Rehani, Director, ASIC Design, AMD Phillip Young, Principle Member Technical Staff, ASIC Design, AMD

Efficient Hardening of ARM Cortex-A57/-A53 Processor Subsystems in FD-SOI Process Technology Using Galaxy Design Platform

In this video, you’ll hear briefly about Synopsys’ participation at ARM TechCon followed by STMicroelectronics sharing its approach to the efficient implementation of ARM® Cortex®-A57/-A53 processor-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs.
Arnaud Rayer, Senior Staff Backend Engineer, STMicroelectronics