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Sep 08, 2016Synopsys Joins GLOBALFOUNDRIES' FDXcelerator Partner Program to Enable Innovative Designs Using the FD-SOI Process
Program Gives Synopsys Access to GLOBALFOUNDRIES' FDX Portfolio and Provides Customers with Tools that Support the Differentiated Features of FD-SOI

Nov 09, 2015Synopsys Collaborates with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Deliver Up to 50 Percent Power Reduction for Designs Using the 22FDX Platform
Reference Flow Using Galaxy Design Platform Available for Early Customer Engagement

Jun 02, 2015GLOBALFOUNDRIES Solidifies 14nm FinFET Design Infrastructure for Next-Generation Chip Designs

May 20, 2015GLOBALFOUNDRIES Offers New Low-Power 28nm Solution for High-Performance Mobile and IoT Applications

Feb 05, 2013GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys Partner To Provide Comprehensive Design Environment for Foundry's 14 nm-XM FinFET Offering

Jan 22, 2013Synopsys Accelerates Adoption of FinFET Technology with Production-Proven Design Tools and IP
FinFET Technology Support Developed over Five-year Collaboration with Industry Leaders

May 30, 2012Synopsys’ Collaboration with Industry Consortium Yields Double Patterning Technology Models for Parasitic Extraction
Unique Fabless-Foundry Sharing Model Allows Automated Volume Diagnostics to Identify and Prioritize Systematic Failure Mechanisms

May 30, 2012GLOBALFOUNDRIES Selects Synopsys' Yield Explorer for Faster Yield Ramp
Unique Fabless-Foundry Sharing Model Allows Automated Volume Diagnostics to Identify and Prioritize Systematic Failure Mechanisms

Dec 14, 2011Synopsys Enables Silicon Success for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ First Complex 20-nm Design
GLOBALFOUNDRIES Tapeout Reinforces Synopsys IC Compiler as the Leading Choice for 20 Nanometers

Dec 08, 2011Synopsys’ IC Validator Certified by GLOBALFOUNDRIES for 28-nm, 40-nm and 65-nm Design
Runset Availability Brings Benefits of In-Design Physical Verification to Mutual Customers

Jul 11, 2011Synopsys and GLOBALFOUNDRIES Collaborate to Deliver Interoperable Process Design Kits (iPDKs)
Synopsys Custom Design Solution Now Supported by GLOBALFOUNDRIES 65nm Process Technologies

Feb 01, 2011Synopsys Collaborates with Industry Consortium on Solutions to Model Latest 28-nm Parasitic Effects
IMTAB Group in IEEE-ISTO Ratifies Interconnect Technology Format Extensions

Jan 17, 2011Synopsys Announces Production-Ready Lync Design System Optimized for Common Platform 28-nm High-K Metal Gate Technology
Collaboration Brings Integrated and Validated IP, Design Tools and Methodology to Facilitate Low Power, High-performance Mobile System-on-Chip Design

Jun 14, 2010ARM, IBM, Samsung, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys Announce Delivery of 32/28nm HKMG Vertically Optimized Design Platform
Companies demonstrate strength of collaboration at 47th DAC

Jun 14, 2010Synopsys Delivers Optimized Lynx Design System for Common Platform 32/28-nm Technology
Integrated and Pre-Validated Solution Speeds Design of Advanced SoCs