SW Design, HW/SW Integration for ARM Powered® Products  


Virtual prototypes enable software engineers to start development months before the hardware design is complete, enabling full system bring-up to occur within days of silicon availability. The Virtualizer™ Development Kit (VDK) Family for ARM Processors offers a wide range of models (including the latest ARMv8 processors) and software tools to span this entire application domain.

Synopsys' hybrid prototyping solution blends the strengths of both virtual and HAPS® FPGA-based prototyping to enable software development and system integration much sooner in the project lifecycle. Hybrid prototyping can easily integrate high-performance ARM® Cortex™ processor models, transactors for ARM AMBA® interconnect and Synopsys DesignWare® IP with the rest of your design into a single hybrid prototype.

  • Optimized Solutions

Accelerate pre-RTL embedded design tasks such as software development, hardware/software integration, SoC integration and system validation. The VDK Family for ARM is an out-of-the-box solution for software development for ARM v7 and v8 architecture big.LITTLE™ processing platforms. Designers can use their chosen software debugger (e.g., ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) connected to the virtual prototype.

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid prototype that seamlessly links virtual and FPGA-based prototypes. The Synopsys transactor library for ARM AMBA® interconnect facilitates data exchange between loosely-timed transaction-level model (TLM) and cycle-accurate FPGA hardware implementation.

Synopsys' Verdi3™ HW SW Debug enables embedded software-driven SoC verification by providing a synchronized multi-window view of the design's behavior of both hardware and software languages. It combines an instruction-accurate embedded processor, RTL, C and assembly visibility for a comprehensive SoC debug solution. Verdi3 HW SW Debug is based on Verdi, the industry's open, most comprehensive debug platform with powerful technology that helps design and verification teams comprehend complex and unfamiliar design behavior, automate difficult and tedious debug processes and unify diverse and complicated design environments.

Platform Architect is a SystemC TLM standards-based graphical environment for capturing, configuring, simulating, and analyzing the system-level performance of interconnect and memory subsystems of multicore systems for next-generation ARM AMBA-based SoC architectures.