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Analog Simulation Insights
Analog/mixed-signal simulation and verification blog
Hélène Thibiéroz

A View from the Top: A System-Level Blog
Shift towards adoption of virtual platforms and ESL technologies.
Tom De Schutter

Breaking the Three Laws
Discussing technically challenging ASIC prototyping problems and solutions.
Michael Posner

Configurable Thoughts
Microprocessors’ architecture, tools, best practices and new innovations.
Michael Thompson

Committed to Memory
About DRAM in all its forms, especially DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3 and LPDDR4
Graham Allan, Marc Greenberg

Conversation Central Podcast
Where technology and business experts in the electronics industry come to talk.
Karen Bartleson, Darcy Pierce, Hannah Conrad

Custom Layout Insights
Analog/custom layout blog
Graham Etchells

Express Yourself
One man "Expressing" his views on PCI Express, IP and related trends.
Scott Knowlton

Let's Get Physical
Simplifying complex physical verification challenges
Kevin Brelsford

Magic Blue Smoke: Low Power Blog
Discussing the challenges of low power ASIC design.
Godwin Maben

On the Move
Views and trends in mobile electronics connectivity related to MIPI IP.
Hezi Saar

Optimized Craft
The crafting of optimization software for integrated circuit design.
Brent Gregory

Social Matter(s)
Exploring the necessities of social business in a digital world
Darcy Pierce, Hannah Conrad

The Eyes Have it: An IP Blog
Mixed-signal PHY IP, including trends and design challenges.
Navraj Nandra

The Standards Game: Standards Blog
Observation, information and experiences with technical standards.
Karen Bartleson

To USB or Not to USB: USB IP Blog
Latest trends and topics in USB IP.
Eric Huang

VIP Central Blog
Your go-to resource for Bus, Protocol and Memory VIP
Tushar Mattu, Bernie Delay

All Synopsys Blogs