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Jungo Logo As a leading provider of embedded USB software and drivers, it is critical for Jungo to have access to development platforms, enabling timely and quality software delivery. The Synopsys System-Level Catalyst Program extends our cooperation with Synopsys as we gain access to virtual platforms with system-level models of the Synopsys DesignWare Cores, allowing us to port our USBware™ embedded USB software protocol stack prior to silicon availability of our customer’s devices. Besides time to market improvements, the debug visibility in the Synopsys USB virtual platforms improves development productivity at the hardware/software interface.

- Ophir Herbst, GM Connectivity Software at Jungo

Product Description
The Jungo solution includes ready-made and industry compliant (USB-IF) components for USB software connectivity including low-level USB controller drivers, hub driver, USB Host/Device/OTG cores and class/function drivers. Jungo provides extensive documentation and dedicated technical support to ensure design win and quick deployment. To shorten the integration period and conduct performance validation, Jungo offers the required testing modules for each software deliverable. The Jungo solution offers extensibility and flexibility, allowing customers to extend their design's USB functionality to include additional custom/class drivers support with Jungo's exported APIs and available symbiotic class drivers, or easily migrate USB solutions to additional designs.

Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit
Jungo Ltd. and Synopsys have collaborated to provide embedded USB connectivity in numerous consumer electronic systems. USBware is embedded in a multitude of platforms such as HDTV set-top box, advanced DVD codecs chipsets, mobile platforms, communications and USB flash drives. USBware has been successfully deployed using various industry leading embedded CPU architectures.

As part of its virtual platform product line Synopsys provides a USB OTG platform which has also been used by the Synopsys IP team to deliver drivers for updates versions of the IP core early. This platform is executed for the purposes of developing and porting Jungo’s USBware™ protocol stack and drivers for the Synopsys USB cores. The USB OTG platform is executed using Synopsys Innovator, software debuggers are attached and software is executed on the processors in the platform.

As a result Jungo and Synopsys customers get early, pre-silicon access to software for the Synopsys USB IP and can start customer specific software enhancements prior to silicon availability.

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Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram

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