Embedded Hardware And Software—Like Two Camps With A River Full Of Sharks In Between
At least for the last decade, we have been hearing about the worlds of embedded software and hardware growing closer, but there has been very little measurable evidence to back up those claims. Some results confirmed what market researchers had predicted: the percentage of users claiming that their overall software effort was ....
Jul 29, 2009

Is System-Level Design About Discipline?
We’ve all heard it, and it’s said in many ways. Preparation is everything! System-level design is all about thinking early and implementing later. So why not apply what we already know? We even have statistics.
Mar 11, 2009

Is ESL Adoption Really All That Difficult?
The debate about design at the electronic system level (ESL) seems to be in full swing again. Some claim there is too much “stuff” in ESL and basically suggest incremental approaches. Others say that today’s approaches aren’t visionary enough and are calling for the “real ESL to please stand up.”
Feb 12, 2009

What’s In A System?
There's a buzz about system-level design, specifically around ESL, centering around which technologies should be considered part of ESL. Some system-level advocates suggest limiting ESL to the next step above hardware. Others say it encompasses many techniques, which only have in common the fact that they are applied prior to RTL.
Jan 21, 2009

SystemC TLM-2.0 Becomes Virtual Reality for Software Developers
Over the last couple of years the new reality has set in that software development is becoming increasingly important because it determines both the cost and the associated chip-design schedule.
Sep 30, 2008

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