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VaST Logo Recent customer successes adopting our joint solutions underscore the value of standards-based interoperability. Through our mutual support of OSCI, Synopsys and VaST are able to deliver a more integrated, more complete solution for our mutual customers. The System-Level Catalyst program efficiently allows both of our companies to maintain and validate interoperability of our virtual platform solutions to ease customer adoption.

- Jeff Roane, Vice President of Marketing at VaST Systems

Product Description
CoMET is a system engineering tool enabling the creation of virtual system prototypes (VSP) for your embedded system or system-on-chip. CoMET provides an architectural optimization and system engineering environment, empowering the concurrent design of hardware and software for your system. With CoMET you can specify, design, simulate, analyze and optimize complex embedded systems and quantitatively evaluate performance while running real software applications at near real-time speeds with cycle-accuracy.

METeor is an interactive software development environment for your embedded system or system-on-chip (SoC). With METeor you can use the virtual system prototype (VSP) created with CoMET to develop, simulate and debug embedded system software many months before hardware, or even hardware prototypes, are available.

Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit
Through the System Catalysts program, CoMET and METeor users can incorporate Synopsys DesignWare System-Level Library components into their virtual prototypes within CoMET and METeor. These DesignWare components are easily integrated using standard SystemC TLM-2.0 interfaces and enable more rapid platform construction and verification through the use of known good library elements.

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Flow Diagram

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