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A View from the Top: A System-Level Blog
This blog will deal not only with the shift towards adoption of virtual platforms but with ESL technologies in general.
F. Schirrmeister, J. Stahl, M. Serughetti, T. Schutter, P. Sheridan

Verification Martial Arts
“Verification Martial Arts” is a highly technical, tutorial-based blog focusing on functional verification
Janick Bergeron

Low Power Blog: Magic Blue Smoke
Magic Blue Smoke is a blog dedicated to discussing the challenges of low power ASIC Design
Godwin Maben

The Standards Game
For many years, OpenAccess had promised to bring interoperability to the industry via a common standard database. Albeit fraught with challenges as it evolved, it has ultimately enabled a leading EDA provider (my company, Synopsys) to make a significant entrance into the custom/analog/mixed-signal IC design market.
Karen Bartleson

All Synopsys Blogs

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