Interoperability & Standards 

Accelerating Innovation for Customers with Collaboration 

Industry cooperation on the interfaces of EDA tools help ensure that all of us are accelerating innovation. We are continuously finding new ways to champion customer requests for interoperability throughout the EDA Industry. By using open source and formal standards, tool exchanges with EDA vendors, and initiatives that promote the adoption of standards, Synopsys produces real results for EDA tool interoperability.


Liberty is the key modeling format that spans Synopsys’ solutions, platforms, tools and IP

  • IPL
  • Enabling innovation through interoperable PDK standardsmore

IPL standards reduce PDK development and support costs, lower integration efforts and allows choices for building analog/custom IC design flows

  • SystemC
  • A system-to-silicon design and verification languagemore

SystemC is supported by Synopsys’ solutions, platforms, tools, and libraries forverification, pre-silicon software development and architectural exploration

As a pioneer in the development of the SystemVerilog standard, Synopsys provides comprehensive support for SystemVerilog throughout its solutions

One of the leaders in the development and ratification of the UPF standard, Synopsys provides several UPF 1.0-compliant tools and solutions

  • VMM
  • The industry's widely-used and proven verification methdologymore

As a leader in verification, Synopsys provides support for the VMM standard methodology throughout our solutions, Discovery™ Verification Platform & tools

Synopsys solutions, platforms, tools, and IP support a breadth of standards which enable interoperability and facilitate conformance

Synopsys is active in over 30 standards organizations and more than 60 of their committees, working to bring interoperable products and design flows to customers. Synopsys’ sizable investment in the activities of these groups yields an overall positive return for the industry.

The standards that are produced by these organizations serve the needs of our customers in a variety of areas, including language-based design, more efficient verification, increased modeling accuracy, and compliant IP.

Synopsys leads progressive initiatives which address the necessity for interoperability throughout the industry. From integrating design flows with other EDA companies, to promoting tool interoperability through open source standards, to the unique EDA Interoperability Forum, Synopsys responds to today’s demands for interoperability with superior programs.

ARC Access: Promote software compatibility and interoperability between embedded software and hardware with DesignWare® ARC® processors
HAPS Connect: Promotes a network of approved third-party hardware and service vendors that provide solutions optimized for HAPS physical prototyping systems that enable prototypers to leverage proven solutions for fast prototype bring-up.
HSPICE Integrator: Promotes integration between Synopsys' HSPICE simulation solution and other EDA products.
In-Sync: Establishes relationships with EDA vendors to identify and integrate design flows that maximize the productivity of mutual customers.
MAP-in: Offers EDA providers the opportunity to integrate their applications with the Milkyway database and environment
System-Level Catalyst: Enabling standards-based interoperability for system-level models, verification, rapid prototyping and embedded software solutions.
SystemVerilog Catalyst: Development and use of EDA tools, verification IP, training, and services supporting the SystemVerilog standard for design and verification.
TAP-in: Promotes EDA tool interoperability through open source and support of key interfaces.
VC Apps Access: Enabling verification interoperability through VC Apps
VMM Catalyst: The development and use of EDA tools, verification IP, training, and services supporting the VMM verification methodology.
EDA Interoperability Forum: The industry’s premier interoperability event.
S.U.R.F.: Secure User Research Facility (S.U.R.F.) program allows qualified EDA vendors to address customer interoperability needs in a secured location in Mountain View, CA USA.
Tenzing Norgay Award: Created by Synopsys to recognize companies, organizations, universities and individuals who make significant contributions to improving interoperability for the industry.

Synopsys makes resources available from interoperability initiatives and events over the years.

DAC Interoperability Events
Synopsys hosts an annual event at the Design Automation Conference to bring the latest interoperability topics to the table. Recipients of the Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award [link] are announced during this event. Topics from these events include: Composite Current Source libraries (CCS), the SPIRIT standard for IP, OpenAccess, the Unified Power Format (UPF), and interoperable PDK libraries.


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