VMM Catalyst 

Promoting industry’s widely-used verification methodology 

The Synopsys VMM Catalyst program promotes the development and use of EDA tools, verification IP, training, and services which support the VMM verification methodology.

Members of the VMM Catalyst program may gain access to Synopsys' tools, platforms, and solutions which support the VMM verification methodology. In addition, they get the SystemVerilog source code for the VMM Standard Library for development and support of their respective VMM-ready tools, IP, training and service offerings. By participating in the VMM Catalyst Program, member companies can help provide their customers with a more effective path to interoperability with Synopsys' VMM solutions.

VMM EnabledVMM Catalyst program members whose tool, IP, service, or training offering meets certain requirements may use the VMM-Enabled logo to advertise their support for the VMM methodology.