EDA Interoperability Forum  

22nd Synopsys EDA Interoperability Forum   
Sponsored by Sun Microsystems
Thursday, Nov 5, 2009
9:00AM - 5:00PM

Santa Clara, CA 95054

What is the EDA Interoperability Forum?
This Forum provides EDA vendors and their customers an opportunity to exchange information and ideas on EDA tool interoperability including information on new interface technologies, future enhancements, upcoming news, and successes from developers and customers.

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Download the Presentations from the Fall 2009 EDA Interoperability Forum:

Let the Sun Shine In! Welcome & Opening Remarks
Karen Bartleson, Senior Director of Community Marketing, Synopsys

Music to Your Ears: Tune In to Liberty 2009.06
Rajesh Kumar, Corporate Applications Engineer, Synopsys

Love, Peace & Sharing: HapsTrak enables open connectivity in the Rapid Prototyping world!
Neil Songcuan, Product Marketing Manager for Confirma Rapid Prototyping Platform, Synopsys

EDA Consortium Updates:

Flower (Low) Power: IEEE I801 Committee Update
Cary Chin, Director of Technical Marketing, Synopsys

Harmony and Interoperability for Custom Design: The latest on the IPL Alliance and Interoperable PDKs

Keynote Presentation:
Groovy Green Computing: Battling the Mushrooming Use of Power
Subodh Bapat, Vice President, Energy Efficiency and Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems

System-Level Session
VMM Session

Groovy Green Computing: Battling the Mushrooming Use of PowerPeace Out. Closing Remarks
Yatin Trivedi, Director of Standards and Interoperability, Synopsys

To download presentations from previous forums, please follow this link.