Interoperability Breakfast 2005 

Enabling Complex Designs with Advanced Libraries and IP 

On Wednesday, June 15, at DAC 2005, Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Synopsys, spoke to a filled auditorium with a warm welcome to wake up to Wireless Wednesday with Synopsys' interoperability breakfast program Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Awardsponsored by Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). Designers and EDA users listened to the latest interoperability issues as well as heard from their peers and suppliers how they used and continue to utilize Composite Current Source (CCS) libraries, and the SPIRIT standard for IP and tool interoperability to design and implement state- of-the-art designs. ARM received the fifth annual Tenzing Norgay Interoperability Achievement Award and there was an increased interest before and after the program in the showcase of suppliers to see CCS and SPIRIT in action.


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Interoperability Breakfast Event Highlights:
DAC 2005 Interoperability Overview
SPIRIT speakers' presentations:
Christopher K. Lennard, PhD - ESL Strategic Product Manager, ARM
John A. Swanson - Senior Manager, Solutions Group, Synopsys
CCS Library speakers presentations:
Rob Aitken, PhD - Senior Architect, ARM
Bill Mullen - Vice President, Engineering, Synopsys
Edward Wan - Senior Director of Design Services Marketing, TSMC