Synopsys EDA Interoperability Forum 

23rd Synopsys EDA Interoperability Forum   
Sponsored by Oracle
Thursday, October 21, 2010
9:30AM - 4:30PM

Oracle Conference Center at Agnews Historic Park
4030 George Sellon Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

What is the EDA Interoperability Forum?
This Forum provides EDA vendors and their customers an opportunity to exchange information and ideas on EDA tool interoperability including information on new interface technologies, future enhancements, upcoming news, and successes from developers and customers.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks
Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director Community Marketing, Synopsys opened the 23rd EDA Interoperability Forum and welcomed attendees.

IPL Session

Conversation Central
The Importance of System-Level Tool Interoperability in the Wireless Supply Chain
This special live session of Conversation Central, Synopsys’ monthly talk radio show, featured Synopsys Host Karen Bartleson interviewing Jose Corleto, Sr. Director of Engineering, Qualcomm and Will Strauss, Principal Analyst at Forward Concepts. Click on link above to listen to the show.

Standards Update
Standards Update
Yatin Trivedi, Director of Standards, Synopsys provided an overview of important updates on various industry standards.

Interoperability Success Story
Synchronized Integrated Quality Certification Process for Mutual Customers’ Success
Thomas Li, Product Marketing Manager, SpringSoft shared a SpringSoft-Synopsys mutual customer interoperability success story.

Keynote Presentation
Trends in System-Level Design ROI
The system-level market has been undergoing significant changes and “beyond RTL” technologies like high-level synthesis, transaction-level modeling, virtual prototyping for software development, and verification and architecture analysis have been thrust into the spotlight. Frank Schirrmeister, Director Product Marketing, Synopsys System-Level Group, shared the results of the System-Level Design Market Survey with a special focus on design entry languages, the use of virtual prototyping and users’ findings on the return on investment (ROI) of applying system-level technologies.

System-Level Session
The Importance of System-level Tool Interoperability in the Wireless Supply Chain
Wireless system design requires collaboration throughout the supply chain to define, develop, and deploy new products and services infrastructure to the market in a timely manner. With system level solutions now in full production for new projects, how does tool interoperability and system-level modeling standards impact this collaboration? In this session, wireless industry experts discussed the importance of system-level tool interoperability in the wireless supply chain and its impact on the innovation and development of these ubiquitous and complex HW-SW devices. A Q&A panel, moderated by Will Strauss, followed.

Verification Session
Register Package Interoperability
Verification of complex system designs today requires specification and sharing of large register maps amongst architects, RTL designers, verification engineers, firmware developers, etc. Recent innovations in SystemVerilog-based verification have offered several methods and software packages for efficiently sharing and verifying these register maps. In this session, the critical need for these packages as well as recent advancements in interoperability between them was presented by experts from companies leading the innovation in this area.

Karen Bartleson’s book, "The Ten Commandments for Effective Standards" was provided to attendees. If you wish to order a copy of the book, please go to