ARC Access Program Member 

Wittenstein LogoWITTENSTEIN High Integrity Systems is a safety systems company that produces and supplies real time operating systems and software components to the medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors, increasing application development efficiency while reducing risk through third-party certification.

OPENRTOS® provides the only available commercial license for FreeRTOS, the highly successful small, efficient embedded kernel. Wittenstein's unique approach provides the ultimate flexibility for professional software development.
With OPENRTOS licensing, Wittenstein provides:
  • Commercial support
  • Commercial indemnification, including explicit exclusion of open source code
  • Confidentiality
  • Support for middleware through our OPENRTOS CONNECT product

ARC-specific Support Details
Wittenstein supports the ARC™ 600 processor family with OPENRTOS.

Learn more about how Wittenstein and Synopsys work together.

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