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Embecosm Logo Embecosm provides open source services, tools and models to facilitate embedded software development with complex systems-on-chip.

Embecosm’s specialty is the development of compiler tool chains pre-silicon, using models of the hardware derived from the Verilog RTL. This not only allows software development to start early, but also allows the software team to become part of the hardware verification process prior to tape-out. Not only is firmware delivered earlier, but chip quality is improved.

Embecosm's GNU tool chain team provide porting and optimization of the GNU compiler, debugger and utilities for new and novel architectures. Those architectures include the Synopsys DesignWare® ARC® 600 and ARC 700 processor families.

Embecosm's modeling team provides models of processors and peripherals at all levels. This includes instruction set simulators specified using CGEN, hand-written SystemC TLM 2.0 transactional models and cycle accurate models generated automatically from Verilog RTL.

In addition to customization and optimization, Embecosm provides ongoing support for tool chains, models and a range of open source tools used in the embedded ecosystem. Embecosm services can be provided as fixed-price contracts to meet a specific objective, or on an ongoing basis. Projects range in scale from rapid prototyping to assist in architectural exploration through to full production development, testing and support of complete tool chain and model systems.

ARC-specific Support Details
Embecosm engineers are already developing and maintaining the latest ARC GNU compiler tool chain.

The ARC architecture is highly configurable, with users able to add their own instructions to the architecture. Embecosm can assist customers by extending existing Synopsys ARC xCAM models using cycle accurate models of new instructions created using Verilator, an open source cycle-accurate modeling tool.

Embecosm can then extend the standard ARC GNU compiler tool chain to support new instructions, providing integration within the compiler optimization flow, to ensure their best use in applications.

Learn more about how Embecosm and Synopsys work together.

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