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Issue 2, 2013

Executive Insights
Give Me Vision! – Inspiring System Designers to Create Products That Can “See”

Conversation Central – Conversations That Matter
Today, more than ever, it's possible to incorporate vision technology and capabilities into many different types of products to make them more intelligent and responsive. Yvette Huygen, director of worldwide PR, and Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, share inspiring examples of what your tablet, book or pen can see when you embed some vision technology.

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About the Speakers
Yvette Huygen is the Director of Worldwide PR and Corporate Communications at Synopsys. Yvette ensures the company’s messages are consistently communicated around the globe. Yvette serves as press advocate, strategic advisor and spokesperson for Synopsys, managing everything from crisis situations to technology launches. She helps drive employee engagement by delivering information and opportunities that can empower employees to become positive brand advocates. Yvette has more than 20 years of communications and management experience. She has been with Synopsys for 12 years and worked at a PR agency prior to that. Yvette holds a Journalism degree, Cum Laude, from San Diego State University.

Jeff Bier is founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance. The Alliance is an industry partnership formed to inspire and empower design engineers to create more capable and responsive products through the integration of vision capabilities. The Alliance web site,, provides a wealth of free resources for product developers interested in incorporating vision technology into their designs. Jeff is also co-founder and president of BDTI (Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.), a trusted resource for independent analysis and specialized engineering services in the realm of embedded digital signal processing technology. Jeff oversees BDTI’s benchmarking and analysis of chips, tools, and other technology. Jeff is also a key contributor to BDTI’s engineering services, which focus on the development of optimized embedded vision software and systems.