Contributed Articles 

Using Ethernet in automotive networks
Jul 09, 2014

How to use PCI Express in low-power mobile SoCs by exploiting M-PCIe
Jun 27, 2014

Linux and the Big Bad Wolf
Jun 26, 2014

Best Practices in SoC Emulation: Guidelines for Maximizing Value
Jun 24, 2014

Integrated Physical Datapath Technology Delivers Predictable QOR, Reduces TTM and Enables Reuse
Jun 18, 2014

Rethinking Low Power Verification: LP + CDC Verification
Jun 12, 2014

Safer Car Design Demands New Testing Approaches
Jun 05, 2014

Sensor fusion enables sophisticated next-gen applications
Jun 01, 2014

EV Design Raises Bar for Electronic System Design Tools
Jun 01, 2014

Prototypers get faster route to first clock tick
May 24, 2014

Getting To A Connected World, Step-by-Step
May 22, 2014

One Design Kit
May 08, 2014

The Internet Of Things Is A Standards Thing
May 07, 2014

Hybrid Emulation Accelerates Architecture Optimization, Software Development, And Software-Driven Verification
Apr 30, 2014

Overcoming the power/performance paradox in processor IP
Apr 28, 2014

Accelerating multi-corner, multi-mode signoff using the Lynx Design System
Apr 22, 2014

The IoT Requires A New Type Of Low-Power Processor
Apr 17, 2014

Software faults in safety-critical systems on the trail
Apr 10, 2014

Rethinking low power verification
Apr 01, 2014

Achieving multi-scenario signoff quickly and predictably using timing-driven ECO
Mar 27, 2014

Simulation of 3D IC Fabrication
Mar 25, 2014

Prototyping solutions for validation of complex ASIC IP
Mar 24, 2014

The Power-Performance Paradox
Mar 13, 2014

Next wave of innovation in verification technology must come from integration
Feb 27, 2014