Community Outreach: Exhibition-sale of disabled children and young people art works from PYUNIC was organized at Synopsys Armenia for the second time

On December 18-25, 2012 a 7-day charitable exhibition-sale of art works by children and young people from Pyunic Armenian Association for Disabled was organized at Synopsys Armenia for the second time. More than 250 art works, including needle works, macramé and knitwear, ceramic and wooden works, greeting cards and pictures were displayed for sale in the hall.

By actively participating in the exhibition-sale, Synopsys Armenia employees raised a significant amount of money which helped to make the children’s New Year a bit warmer and happier.

Pyunic Armenian Association for Disabled was established in 1989 after the 1988 earthquake. It only united disabled children, but has since expanded its efforts to support adults as well. Included among the encouraged disciplines are skiing, basketball, archery, arm-wrestling, table tennis, wheelchair marathons and sailing. PYUNIC's mission is to assist and educate disabled children and adults to become fully integrated members of society, to protect the rights and legal interests of the disabled, to assist solution of medical, social, physical and psychological rehabilitation issues for handicapped people, to promote sports for disabled, to provide financial, moral, and other assistance to the needy and disabled. The Association has different projects and job-placements on the above-mentioned activities to involve the interns for 8 weeks as minimum.

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