Synopsys Armenia and VivaCell-MTS start to Cooperate with European Regional Educational Academy to Promote Education in Micro-Electronic Circuitry and Systems of the Communication Means in Armenia
Fostering initiative to provide Armenia’s workforce with industry-ready graduates

June 23, 2011, Yerevan, Armenia Synopsys Armenia CJSC, VivaCell-MTS and “European Regional Educational Academy” Foundation (EREA) today signed a cooperation agreement aimed to promote education in Micro-electronic circuitry and systems of the communication means in Armenia.

Using a proven educational model of cooperation between Synopsys and State Engineering University of Armenia and Yerevan State University will make possible the program to provide Armenia’s workforce with industry-ready graduates who have the knowledge and skills required to be quickly become productive in the industry.

According to the educational model driven by Synopsys Armenia, after acquiring a basic education in the 2nd year of Bachelorhood, top-performing students of EREA IT Department will be selected to participate in the program. Selection of students will be made by leading Synopsys and VivaCell-MTS technical experts and first-rate professors of the Academy.

The goal of the program is to create, technically re-equip the University-wide Sub-Department of “Electronic Boards and Systems”, which is the part of Bachelorhood and Magistracy having the specialty in “Micro-electronic circuitry and systems of the communication means”, provide it with educational programs, ensure proper qualification (training) of the academic staff, provide up-to-date software means, educate the students.

In the frames of Agreement VivaCell-MTS allocated AMD 15 million to rehabilitate the respective auditorium area specified by EREA to bring it into correspondence with the state-of-the-art education standards and requirements, will pay the salaries and other amounts equalized to the faculty of the Sub-department and assure of the auditorium with computers.

Synopsys Armenia will provide EREA Electronic Design Automation Educational Design Kit (EDA EDK) 20 licenses of free - aimed to prepare high quality specialists of respective professions, re-qualify the faculty Sub-department, at least once per three years.

EREA will establish the University-wide Sub-department - holding of daily educational activities, select the bachelorhood students that graduated the second course of the respective Faculty of the University, who meet the criteria set by the parties for further continuation of their study for respective profession at the Sub-department.

The best students that graduated bachelorhood education program at the Sub-department shall be granted an opportunity to continue their study at the magistracy of the Sub-department.

“This model is a new and unique approach in the frames of Industry-University cooperation, that will raise the technological institutional education of our country to a new quality level, - said Hovik Musayelyan, Synopsys Armenia Director. – I am sure this new specialty, that has no precedence, will essentially increase the interest towards Micro-electronic circuitry and systems of the communication means among youth”.

“Education shapes a better future for the country. This is especially the case, when education is essential in boosting country’s competitive advantage. As Armenia’s Leading Mobile Operator for VivaCell-MTS any initiative aimed at creating high quality and competitive workforce is a priority. This is where we see our role as the supporter. Only countries valuing the intellectual development of young generation have prospects for further development,” - said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

“This cooperation between European Regional Educational Academy and Synopsys Armenia, VivaCell-MTS will support the education programs of the Academy students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and will provide then with new level of the professional knowledge and skills in the field of IT, with the dipper specialization in the Microelectronic, - said Andranik Avetisyn, EREA Rector. Students will be able already during their study and internships implement knowledge and skills in the real projects provided by founders of the educational program and be ready to start qualified professional work direct after graduation”.

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