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The Mechanics of Creativity
Topic Area: General Interest
Time: 3:15PM - 4:15PM
Location: Booth #310
Moderator: Karen Bartleson - Synopsys, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

What does it take to be an idea machine? Design is an inherently creative process, but how can we be creative on demand? How can we rise above mundane tasks with flashes of brilliance? Discover secrets of technical and business creativity and calculated risk taking, and share stories of innovation. Sponsored by Women in Electronic Design.

Chip Estimate Booth # 1202
DesignWare IP: A Proven Path to Silicon Success
Topic Area: IP
Time: 3:30PM
Location: Booth #1202

Learn how the latest development in DesignWare IP can help you integrate needed functionality into your SoC designs with less risk and improved time-to-volume. Hear about new products and features such as the multi-gear MIPI M-PHY supporting six protocols, HDMI 1.4 RX fast-switching capabilities, and optimized embedded memories and logic libraries for 28-nm process. In addition, get the latest product updates on USB 3.0, PCI Express 3.0, DDR, analog IP and more.

D&R IP SoC Village Booth # 146
Delivering Great Audio with an Integrated, SoC-Ready Subsystem Solution
Topic Area: IP
Time: 3:30PM
Location: Booth #146

With the growing complexity of audio requirements in today’s SoCs such as the ability to support multi-channel, high-definition audio formats with seamless plug-in to the host application software, designers are turning to dedicated audio subsystems to off-load the audio processing from the host processor. Learn how a how a pre-verified, integrated audio IP subsystem solution, consisting of hardware, software and prototypes reduces integration effort, lowers risk and accelerates time-to-market.

TSMC Open-Innovation Platform Theater Booth #2430
Advanced 28-nm IP for SoC Designs: Integrate to Innovate
Topic Area: IP
Time: 1:15PM - 1:25PM
Location: Booth #2430

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