Corporate Governance and Values 

Our Commitments 

To Our Stockholders, Business Partners And Employees:

At Synopsys we talk a lot about commitment, and about what it takes to be a great, enduring company. A key element of Synopsys' success is our strong set of core values: Integrity, Execution Excellence and Leadership. We adhere to these principles because they are right, and because they achieve results.

Our first commitment is to our customers. Synopsys is dedicated to enabling its customers to design remarkable chips by delivering the most complete semiconductor design solution through a combination of software, services and intellectual property. Customer satisfaction is Synopsys' most critical measure. We track success "one chip at a time."

For its stockholders, Synopsys is committed to managing its business skillfully and in accordance with all legal and ethical requirements, and to reporting its results with accuracy and candor. We believe great companies sustain growth and strong profitability over time, and opt for the long-term health of the enterprise rather than focusing only on short-term gain.

For its employees, Synopsys is committed to fostering an environment that treats people with respect, honesty and professionalism. We strive to develop the best in all of our employees, and to provide an environment that encourages corporate and personal growth.

Finally, Synopsys is committed to partnering with the communities in which we work. Every year, Synopsys reaches out to local communities with resources and employee leadership to support education, science programs and a variety of other activities.

Synopsys is proud to be a technology and community leader. We look forward to sustaining that leadership by fulfilling our commitments with energy, skill and integrity.

Aart de Geus
Chairman and co-CEO

Chi-Foon Chan
President and co-CEO

Our Political Activities Policy

Corporate Political Activity
Synopsys does not contribute to political parties or candidates. In addition, Synopsys does not attempt to influence the outcome of elections through any Political Action Committee (PAC).

Synopsys may contribute periodically to local ballot initiatives in California consistent with Synopsys’ quality of life goals.

Trade and Industry Associations
Synopsys engages with trade and industry associations around the world, which may undertake advocacy on behalf of their members, to positively impact public policies and advance industry interests. Designated Synopsys executives, thought leaders, and policy experts may take part in trade and industry association events and advocate viewpoints on public policy issues that impact our industry, business, or employees.

As a general rule, Synopsys does not directly engage in lobbying. Lobbying activities are strictly regulated in the United States and other countries. Any activities that may be perceived as lobbying must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Director of Corporate Affairs, in consultation with the Legal Department.

Employee Political Activity
Synopsys employees are free to participate in political activities or contribute to political parties and candidates so long as they do so as individuals, and so long as such activities or contributions would not be perceived to be on behalf of Synopsys.

Synopsys employees may work in a personal capacity with a particular industry or trade association only if approved through Synopsys’ Conflicts of Interest Portal and so long as the employee makes clear that he or she does not represent Synopsys and does not take any action that reflects negatively on Synopsys.