Corporate Governance and Values 

Board Committees 
Our Board of Directors currently has three standing committees: (i) Audit Committee, (ii) Compensation Committee, and (iii) Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. Each committee complies with the independence and other requirements established by applicable federal securities laws and rules of the NASDAQ Stock Market. To learn more about individual board members, visit the Board of Directors area of this site.

Charter of the Audit Committee
The Audit Committee selects the independent auditors; pre-approves audit and permitted non-audit services; evaluates accounting principles, internal controls, financial reporting, and procedures relating to internal auditing functions and controls; and reviews and approves related-party transactions. Synopsys' independent auditors report directly to the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee also establishes procedures for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints and confidential submissions by employees regarding Synopsys' accounting or auditing matters.

Members of the Audit Committee
Deborah Coleman (Chairperson)
Alfred Castino
Janice Chaffin
Roy Vallee

Charter of the Compensation Committee
The Compensation Committee administers the Company's equity and stock purchase plans; reviews and approves salaries and other matters relating to compensation of the executive officers; and provides input on executive and leadership development policies.

Members of the Compensation Committee
Chrysostomos (Max) Nikias (Chairperson)
Bruce Chizen
Steven Walske

Charter of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee
Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding the size, composition and governance of the Board and its committees; establishes procedures for the director nomination process; reviews and makes recommendations for nominees to the Board; establishes criteria for and evaluates the performance of the Board as a whole; reviews the performance of the CEO and other executive officers as appropriate; and develops and maintains corporate governance principles.

Members of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee
John Schwarz (Chairperson)
Bruce Chizen
Steven Walske