September 2013 Monthly Update 

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IEDEC 2014 - CFP Extended to October 12th

IEDEC 2014
Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference 2014 Call for Papers Extended to October 12, 2013
March 10-11, 2014 - Santa Clara, CA

The Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference is a premier event committed to further the education in engineering design with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of engineering designers worldwide. The conference is intended for educators, mentors, engineers, managers, researchers, students, as well as industry companies and consortiums who desire excellence in interdisciplinary engineering education and have created or need to create interdisciplinary programs and products. IEDEC further strives to promote the engineering design profession and to highlight the important role of engineering in all aspects of human life. The conference provides a forum for sharing ideas; learning about developments in engineering design education; and interacting with professionals, experts, and colleagues in the field.


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  • Scripting Languages - Updated!
  • Semiconductor Devices - Updated!

Featured Conversation Central Show

Conversation Central Sheela Pillai
So you think verifying an FPGA is a piece of cake? Think again.
Sheela Pillai
Director of Verification, Altera

With the spotlight on increasing complexity of microprocessors and SoCs, it’s tempting to think that FPGA verification isn’t so difficult. After all, FPGAs are much smaller so their challenges are smaller, too, right? Wrong. Sheela Pillai talks about why FPGA simulation is not only different from verifying other kinds of chips, but it comes with unique challenges that are no less daunting.

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University of KaiserslauternA Scalable Multi-Core ASIP Virtual Platform For Standard-Compliant Trellis Decoding
University of Kaiserslautern: Matthias Jung, Christian Brehm, Norbert Wehn
Case Western Reserve UniversityAnalytical Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Temperature Field in TSV-based ICs
Case Western Reserve University: Yuriy Shiyanovskii, Chris Papachristou, Cheng-Wen Wu
Universidad Nacional del SurFrame and Arithmetic Pipelining for a Radix-4 FFT Streamed Core
Universidad Nacional del Sur: J. Agustin Rodriguez, Pedro M. Julian, Andreas G. Andreou
UC BerkleyA Case for FAME: FPGA Architecture Model Execution
U.C. Berkeley: Various Authors

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