January 2014 Monthly Update 

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Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference 2014 Register

The Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC) technical program features invited talks by industry and academia experts as well as technical presentations covering critical issues related to excellence in interdisciplinary engineering design education. IEDEC will be held on March 3, 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Registration for the event is now open.

The following invited speakers will present at this year's conference:

Integrating Modular Chemical Engineering Projects Across the Curriculum
Noah Malmstadt, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
University of Southern California
Do Engineering: Unleashing the Next Generation of System Designers
Zachary Nelson, Americas Academic Program Manager
National Instruments
Big Countries, Small Data, SMART Connectedness
Michael D. Wilson, Faculty Member in the College of Technology
Purdue University
The Role of Computer Science in Engineering Education
Mark Sherriff, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science
University of Virginia
Incorporating Quality Management Topics into Entrepreneurship Education
Dr. S. Jimmy Ghandi, Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management California State University, Northridge
A Rational for Interdisciplinary Programs that Combine Engineering and the Liberal Arts
Dan Lewis, Associate Professor and Chair in the Dept. of Computer Engineering
Santa Clara University
Failure? What an Opportunity!
Giorgio Riga, Founder and President Riga Analytical Lab

Visit the IEDEC website for more information and to register today!

IEDEC Educational Award Nominations - Due by Feb. 7!

Nominate someone today for the Education Leadership Award or Quality Educator Award. The Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC) awards program intends to honor and pay tribute to organizations and educators who exemplify excellence in interdisciplinary engineering education.

Nominations are currently being accepted through February 7, 2014. Winners will be announced and recognized at IEDEC.


University of Application-Specific Processor for Piecewise Linear Functions Computation
Universidad Nacional del Sur: Various Authors
 University A Novel Control Method for Input Output Harmonic Elimination of the PWM Boost Type Rectifier Under Unbalanced Operating Conditions
Cleveland State University: Ana Vladan Stankovic and Thomas A. Lipo
Universidad Compact Modeling of the p-i-n Diode Reverse Recovery Effect Valid for both Low and High Current-Density Conditions
Hiroshima University: Masataka Miyake, Junichi Nakashima, Mitiko Miura-Mattausch
 Administration- and Communication-Aware IP Core Mapping in Scalable Multiprocessor System-on-Chips via Evolutionary Computing
Technische Universidtat Dresden: Falko Guderian, Ranier Schaffer, and Gerhard Fettweis

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