February 2013 Monthly Update 
8th Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad

The 8th Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia is an educational contest intended to spotlight the worlds brightest and most talented young engineers under the age of 30 active in the field of microelectronics. The Olympiad is a knowledge-based, written test conducted in two stages. The first stage is held locally in each participating country, the second stage is held in Armenia. One winner from the first stage in each country is sponsored to fly out and participate in the final stage held in Armenia.


Topics of the Olympiad include:
  • Digital IC Design and Testing
  • Analog and Mixed Signal IC Design and Testing
  • Semiconductor Devices and Technology
  • Mathematical and Algorithmic Issues of EDA

To participate in the first stage of the Olympiad, please submit applications no later than April 15, 2013 to

For any other questions, contact

DATE 2013 Special Session Featuring Dr. Antun Domic, Synopsys Senior VP & GM

"The Heritage of Mead & Conway: What Has Remained the Same, What Was Missed, What Has Changed, What Lies Ahead"
"About 30 years ago, Electronics Magazine awarded two electrical engineers and computer scientists, Carver Mead and Lynn Conway for their contribution to VLSI chips design; in 1982, the so called Mead & Conway methods, taught at 100+ universities all over the world, "not only have helped spawn a common design culture so necessary in the VLSI era, but have greatly increased interaction between university and industry so as to stimulate research by both"; concepts such as separation of design from manufacturing, design rules, silicon foundries, addressing complexity through design methodology, new, electronic representations of design data, have enabled tens of thousands of chip designers, and tens of thousands of chip designs. Today, as Moore's Law – a term coined by Carver Mead – has brought as from 10 microns to 10 nanometers, what is the heritage of Mead & Conway? UCB Professor Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli will moderate an industry and research panel, to discuss what has remained the same, what was missed, what has changed, and what lies ahead."

Introductory Presentation:
Prof. Lynn Conway, University of Michigan, USA

Panel Moderator:
Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, UC Berkeley, USA

Prof. Luca Carloni, Columbia University, USA
Prof. Lynn Conway, University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Bernard Courtois, CMP, France
Prof. Hugo de Man, K.U. Leuven & IMEC, Belgium
Dr. Antun Domic, Synopsys, USA
Prof. Jan M. Rabaey, UCB, USA

Register Now for IEDEC 2013!

The Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC) technical program featuring keynotes and invited talks by industry and academia experts and over 40 technical presentations covering critical issues related to excellence in interdisciplinary engineering design education is now available, and registration for the event is open. IEDEC will be held on March 4-5, 2013.



The following new and updated courses are now available. Visit Members Only with your SolvNet ID and password to download.


University of TorontoA 65nm CMOS Low Power Delay Line-based Temperature Sensor
University of Toronto: Shuang Xie and Wai Tung Ng
University of MichiganAnalysis of the Operation of Thin Nanowire Photoelectrodes for Solar Energy Conversion
University of Michigan: Various Authors
University of Texas at DallasPost-Synthesis Leakage Power Minimization
University of Texas at Dallas: Mohammad Rahman and Carl Sechen
Instituto Politecnico NacionalDSP-based Simplified Space-Vector PWM for a Three-Level VSI
Instituto Politecnico Nacional: JD Betanzos-Ramierz, J.J. Rodriguez-Rivas, E. Peralta-Sanchez

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DateDesign, Automation & Test in Europe (DATE 2013)
March 18 - 22, 2013
Grenoble, France
IPDPSEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2013)
May 20 - 24, 2013
Boston, MA
ViPES 2013Virtual Prototyping of Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (ViPES 2013)
May 24, 2013
Boston, MA
IEEEIEEE International Conference on Microelectronic Systems Education (MSE 2013)
June 2 - 3, 2013
Austin, TX

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