January 2012 Monthly Update 
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Russia: Successes and Challenges in Engineering Education

There is an international need for well-educated, well-prepared engineering graduates from universities around the world. The future of the worldwide electronics industry depends on these new engineers to continue moving technology and business forward for the next generation. Synopsys recently invited Vice Rector of National Research University of Electronic Technology (formally known as MIET), Sergei Umnyashkin, to talk about the successes and challenges in engineering education in Russia. In this podcast, Sergei discusses the general condition of electronic education in Russia as well as what role the electronics industry plays in helping to ensure that new graduates are the best prepared to enter the workforce.

32/28nm iPDK – Now Available

Synopsys developed a 32/28nm Interoperable PDK for its University Program members to use in teaching microelectronic design. This new PDK enables students to master the design of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits using the latest Synopsys Custom Implementation tools. For more information and to download, please visit the Synopsys 32/28nm Interoperable PDK webpage.

Opportunity for Student Involvement

EE Times' STEM education site, Innovation Generation (iGEN), is looking for new student bloggers to talk about their own scientific passion and inspire other students to delve into the world science and electronics. The goal being to ultimately foster the next generation of engineers.

The ideal iGEN student blogger is a middle-school, high-school, or college student who enjoys writing, is excited by science, and would like to share that excitement with his or her peers. Alongside EE Times' professional engineering journalists, the student blogs are to be featured prominently on the website, serving as site leaders and mentors to the student community. To learn more about this opportunity visit the EE Times article.


SFSU logo Towards Network Centric Development of Embedded Systems
Various Authors

SFSU logo A Scalable VLSI Architecture for Soft-Input Soft-Output Single Tree-Search Sphere Decoding
Various Authors

University of Oslo logo Leveraging UPF-Extracted Assertions for Modeling and Formal Verification of Architectural Power Intent
Various Authors

University of Oslo logo Enhanced Electrostatic Integrity of Short-Channel Junctionless Transistor with High-K Spacers
Suresh Gundapaneni, Swaroop Ganguly, Anil Kottantharayil


ISDRSISSCC 2012 (International Solid-State Circuits Conference)
February 19-23, 2012
San Francisco, California

FPGAIEDEC 2012 (Interdisciplinary Engineering Education Conference)
March 19-20, 2012
Santa Clara, California

IWIA 2012SNUG Silicon Valley 2012 (Synopsys Users Group)
March 26-28, 2012
Santa Clara, California

IEDEC 2012ASEE-PSW 2012 (American Society for Engineering Education-Pacific South West Section)
April 19-21, 2012
San Luis Obispo, California

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Due By: March 9, 2012

ASQED 2012
Due By: April 4, 2012

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