SNUG Boston 2011 Proceedings

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Best Papers
1st Place - Best Paper : Block Level Scan Insertion and Layered Approach to Transition ATPG Vector Generation
Author(s): Zahi Abuhamdeh, Vincent D'Alessandro [Silicon DFx, Inc.], Ramon Zuniga, Wayne Fang [ClariPhy Communications, Inc.]

2nd Place - Best Paper : Deployment of Full Custom Created Timing Shell Methodology to Hand-Off Macros from CD to ICC
Author(s): Michael Wagner [Lantiq D GmbH], Oliver Baer, Kurt Haun [Synopsys GmbH]

3rd Place - Best Paper : Improving Functional Gate Level Simulation Performance - A Case Study
Author(s): Joe Tompkins [Cavium Networks], Prathamesh Joshi [Synopsys Inc.]

Technical Committee Award Honorable Mention : The Impulse Response - "Fingerprint" for SERDES Channel Characterization
Author(s): Johann Nittmann, Frank Corcoran [Cavium Networks]