Designer Community Expo   

SNUG Boston  
Designer Community Expo

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Time: 4:45 - 7:00pm
Location: Salon D-H

This event is open to all registered attendees of SNUG Boston.

Wrap up your day at SNUG by relaxing with your fellow conference attendees. Grab a beverage and sample the food. Learn which papers SNUG attendees vote to recognize with the "Best Paper" awards. Visit with Synopsys and our partners who will demonstrate integrated solutions to help you overcome your design challenges, and have an opportunity to win one of the great prizes at the Designer Community Expo.

Here is the complete list of DCE Boston 2014 exhibitors.

Compute & Design Infrastructure
Community focused on compute technologies for EDA, including hardware, operating systems, licensing, multi-core, data management, and compute/design infrastructure providers

Gold Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Synopsys - Compute & Design Infrastructure
Silver Sponsor

Custom Design & AMS Verification
Community focused on custom design and AMS verification flows, including schematic entry, layout, schematic-driven layout, P-cell, analog/ mixed-signal/ signal integrity simulation and custom design/AMS ecosystem partners (PDK foundry support/standards)

IPLSiSoftSynopsys - Custom Design & AMS Verification
Gold Sponsor

Community focused on FPGA design and verification flows, including FPGA synthesis, implementation, and debug, and FPGA ecosystem partners (FPGA vendor platforms & device support)

Blue Pearl Software
Silver Sponsor
Synopsys - FPGA 

IC Design
Community focused on cell-based design and flows, including design planning, RTL synthesis and test, physical implementation and verification, signoff and supporting IC design ecosystem partners (Library vendors, foundries and standards)

Synopsys - IC DesignToshibaTSMC
Platinum Sponsor

IC Verification
Community focused on functional verification and debug flows, including mixed-HDL simulation, testbench automation, verification IP, formal analysis, FPGA-based prototyping and IC verification ecosystem partners (VIP vendors/standards)

Gold Sponsor
RealSynopsys - IC Verification 

Community focused on IP solutions for IC/SoC designs, including interface IP, analog IP, datapath IP, processors, embedded memories, logic libraries and ecosystem solution partners/standards

ArterisOpen SiliconSynopsys - DesignWare IP

Prototyping & System Design
Community focused on multi-core SoC architecture design and software development, including pre-silicon software development, integration and system validation; and ecosystem system design vendors/standards, architecture analysis and optimization, and application-specific processor design and system integration.

CoverityLauterbachSynopsys - System Level Design