Common Platform Reference Flow 

Partner Reference Flow Offers Flexible, Low Risk Path to Silicon 
Complete RTL-to-GDSII Design Flow
  • Production-ready design flow derived from Synopsys' Lynx Design System using the Galaxy Design Platform
  • Created by Synopsys and validated by IBM, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES
  • Extensive testing with ARM libraries through Hercules™ DRC checks
  • Integrated DFM solution using IC Compiler
  • Consulting services available for customization

The IBM-Samsung-GLOBALFOUNDRIES partnership delivers a shared, leading-edge process technology that provides true multi-sourcing options at the GDSII level. This process commonality offers chip designers unique flexibility by enabling IP blocks, libraries, technology files, and design flows created for the Common Platform to be used interchangeably between the collaborating foundries.  The key to harnessing this flexibility is the Synopsys Common Platform Reference Flow.

The Common Platform Reference Flow from Synopsys offers a consistent solution to both design complexity and the flexibility offered by the Common Platform. The Reference Flow is available from Synopsys at no charge to Common Platform customers.

Comprehensive, Flexible Solution
The Reference Flow is a comprehensive, production-ready design flow derived from Synopsys’ Lynx Design System using the Galaxy™ Design Platform.  The Reference Flow helps design teams transform RTL into GDSII that can be manufactured at any Common Platform foundry.  It is delivered with source scripts, allowing design teams to modify and extend the flow to best address their project-specific needs.

The Reference Flow provides a fully hierarchical RTL-to-GDSII implementation flow consisting of modular and configurable steps for:

  • Technology Library Preparation
  • Synthesis
  • Design-for-test
  • Design Planning
  • Place and Route
  • Chip Finishing

Built-in analysis and sign-off support is provided through static timing analysis (STA), formal verification, automatic test pattern generation (ATPG), and power, rail and EM/IR analysis.  Timing, signal integrity, test coverage, manufacturability and power are accounted for in each step in the design flow.

Fast Track to Silicon Innovation
The Synopsys Reference Flow can be quickly adopted by project teams, allowing them to focus on their design objectives rather than flow-related tasks.  Key features of the reference flow include:

  • A complete RTL to sign-off flow using the full suite of production-proven Galaxy™ tools.  The basis of the Common Platform Reference Design Flow has been proven through numerous tapeouts.
  • A complete, modular RTL-to-GDSII design flow is implemented using TCL and Perl scripts.  The scripts are provided as source code, allowing designers to enhance and extend the basic flow to customize it for their specific design.
  • A Perl-based technology file preparation utility is provided to create a clean and complete set of technology files for use in the layout, extraction and physical verification steps.
  • An open, formal data structure provides consistent organization of technology and design related data.  This structure facilitates multi-user, multi-site collaboration.
  • Flow execution is controlled using supplied makefiles to provide robust error checking, designer-level control, and visibility of flow execution.
  • Support for popular commercial and free-ware revision control software.
  • User documentation
  • A sample design shows designers how to use each step of the flow.

Silicon-Proven Flow
The Common Platform Reference Flow is derived from the Synopsys Lynx Design System and customized and tested with the Common Platform process technology and libraries.   The Lynx Design System has been developed and used by Synopsys Professional Services and has been deployed to customers to create dozens of designs in a wide range of applications and process technologies.

The Synopsys Common Platform Reference Flow is available today. Synopsys customers using the Common Platform can request the Reference Flow using an on-line form available on Synopsys' SolvNet web site. The Reference Flow is delivered with the full set of scripts and associated documentation.

Flow Deployment & Design Services
As developers of the Common Platform Reference Flow, Synopsys Professional Services combines application-specific design experience with in-depth knowledge of the reference flow to assist your team with predictable tape-out and silicon success in a Common Platform technology.

Available services include:

  • Customizing & deploying the Common Platform Reference Flow to meet project- and design-specific needs
  • Integrating advanced methodologies and customized flows into your design environment
  • Delivering IP Integration & Design Realization services by leveraging Synopsys' capabilities (skills, tools, flows, infrastructure) to augment your own

Contact us for more information about how Synopsys Professional Services can help you achieve your design objectives with the Common Platform Reference Flow.

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