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ACE Logo System on Chip designers can now create differentiating performance/power designs by incorporating custom processors and programmable accelerators designed with Synopsys Processor Designer. Where the C Compiler is the crucial bridge from software applications to hardware in Processor Designer, we are pleased to support Synopsys in providing a unique compiler generation technology in their successful Processor Designer product.

- Marco Roodzant, VP Marketing & Sales; ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv

Product Description
ACE Associated Compiler Experts is the key provider of advanced compiler development and testing solutions for the industry, bridging software to hardware for the broadest range of architectures. The unique C compiler generation system in Synopsys Processor Designer is based on ACE’s CoSy Express technology. Custom processor designers use the LISA 2.0 processor description language to explore, design and optimize the architecture details in a single specification. From this specification,an integrated tool generation system, including the ISS, assembler, linker and C compiler, as well as the hardware implementation.

Interoperability Description and Customer Benefit:
The tight integration of a full processor design environment with a proven advanced and flexible compiler technology provides the best of two worlds in processor hardware and software tool design. Users benefit from an integrated flow and are now able to explore and design an application specific processor or accelerator in an integrated Synopsys tool flow with professional support from an expert compiler team for any customized C Compiler design.

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