The in-Sync™ Application Process  

The following steps describe the process a new in-Sync membership application goes through before a decision on membership is rendered.

Step 1: An EDA company interested in becoming an in-Sync Member completes the in-Sync Member Proposal Form to provide the following information:

  • Company and product information
  • Marketing and Technical contacts responsible for this relationship
  • A detailed technical description and flow diagram of how the potential member's tools will interoperate with Synopsys tools. The interface files in the proposed flow must be of Standard ASCII format. No binary interfaces will be accepted in the proposed flows, unless approved by Synopsys management
  • The customer benefits of the interoperability flow(s)
  • The benefit to both Synopsys and the potential member from the proposed flow(s)
  • 6 references of current common customers using the flow(s)

Step 2: An in-Sync Account Manager reviews the application and if there are more questions or more data is needed, he/she contacts applicant to complete the basic preliminary requirements.

Step 3: The affected product groups and the competing product groups within Synopsys are notified of the new applicant and the proposed flow(s). Similarly, the corresponding area Sales Manager is notified of the new applicant and the requested tools. Their feedback is collected by the in-Sync Account Manager.

Step 4: The in-Sync Account Manager will then contact the common customers to verify their need for the joint flow(s) and ensure that the proposed solution is the right solution. This step takes the most time in the process. To minimize delay, please notify the joint customers in advance that we will be contacting them, and that their timely feedback and their thoroughness is important.

Step 5: If membership is approved, the in-Sync Account Manager completes the Agreement and sends to the applicant for signature.

Note: Each Synopsys Software License requires a $1,000 fee + tax

Step 6: The Applicant then signs the agreement and sends both back to Synopsys, accompanied by a payment (this requires filling out a Credit Application) for the amount owed as indicated in Exhibit B of the Agreement.

Step 7: Once Synopsys receives the signed agreements and payment, Synopsys Legal signs and records the Agreement. At this point the order can be initiated, providing the new member software, licenses and documentation. The order processing may take anywhere between 4 to 8 working days.

In its discretion, Synopsys may require an in-Sync Member to use Synopsys tools in its Secured User Research Facility (S.U.R.F.). Guidelines and requirements for S.U.R.F. may be found at:

Step 8: The in-Sync Account Manager sends a signed copy of the agreement to the new member.

Step 9: The new in-Sync member is now expected to adhere to the terms of the signed agreement and proceed in developing, testing and supporting the proposed interoperable flow(s) accordingly.

Step 10: Based on the terms of the signed agreement, 10 days after receipt of Synopsys software and licenses, the new in-Sync member is required to provide Synopsys with a copy of the software, documentation and license of its own product, as used in the proposed interoperability flow.

Synopsys reserves the right to refuse in-Sync membership to any applicant.

in-Sync member’s licensed product(s) will be used only to support in-Sync member and mutual customer(s) in the use, development, testing, support and maintenance of the proposed flow, by in-Sync personnel and Synopsys product(s) application engineer(s) as authorized.