Optimizing design flows through interoperability 

in-Sync™ is Synopsys' program for promoting interoperability between Synopsys’ and other EDA companies’ tools. in-Sync establishes relationships with EDA vendors to enable customer design flows to run as smoothly as possible. Synopsys recognizes that designers don't have the time to fix interoperability problems between Synopsys products and other EDA vendor tools. in-Sync was created to facilitate interoperability, solve customers’ problems, and help them meet their stringent design flow requirements.

Applying for Membership
Qualified EDA companies can apply for membership in the in-Sync program. There are 3 ways to qualify:
  • The applicant can substantiate at least 6 customers who are demanding or using a proposed interoperable design
  • The applicant is sponsored by a Synopsys executive or product group.
  • The applicant is referred by the Synopsys Investment Group to be of strategic importance.

If an interested EDA company meets any one of the above criteria, the applicant should complete the Membership Proposal Form to start the application process.

For or a step-by-step overview of the application process, click here.

Once the Membership Proposal Form is reviewed, an in-Sync representative will contact the applicant to further discuss the proposal.

Contact Us
The in-Sync contact form should be used for all inquiries about the in-Sync program.